Winners 2014/2015

BoB Winners 2014/2015

Phase 1 - The three most innovative business ideas!​

42 teams from 11 countries took part in the first phase of the competition and sent in their business ideas. 60% of the submissions are  from Austria, the other 40% are from 10 different countries – from the USA to India, from Finland to Italy – this clearly demonstrates the international orientation of  BOB. Regarding the fields of technology we see a strong focus on the Medical Technology area as 22 submissions ( 52%) are active in this area.​

49 experts from various areas like Science, Financing, Intellectual Property, Marketing and Industry have performed in total 210 evaluations to select the winners of phase1 and additionally provided the teams with valuable feedback on their projects. ​

As there were so many high quality submissions this year, we had the unusual situation that 2 projects reached exactly the same number of points in the evaluation so we decided to award 4 instead of the planned 3 prizes. ​

On November 26,2014, the 4 winning teams were presented to the public and awarded a cash prize of € 1,500 each at a ceremony held at Ocean´sky - Haus des Meeres.​

The winning teams were (in alphabetical order):​

Cyprumed, Mr. Florian Föger (Austria)​


CYPRUMED® is a biopharmaceutical company developing a next generation platform technology for the oral delivery of polypeptides. The patent pending technology is entirely based on GRAS listed compounds and easy to formulate. In vivo studies with various polypeptide drugs in several animal models  showed up to 70% oral bioavailability. ​

HeaRT Team, Mr. Johannes Holfeld (Austria)​


Myocardial infarction due to coronary artery disease still represents the leading cause of death in the European Union and the whole eastern world. Thereby it is causing a severe socio-economic health burden. Shockwave therapy has shown strong regenerative effects in soft tissue wounds. The HeaRT Team developed this regenerative treatment for the application to the heart and was able to show encouraging improvement of heart function after myocardial infarction in preclinical and clinical trials.​

TamiRNA, Mr. Mathias Hackl & Mr. Otto Kanzler (Austria)​


TAmiRNA is developing innovative diagnostic solutions that enable better prevention of bone diseases, which affect millions of people worldwide. In the course of consecutive clinical studies, proprietary combinations of small non-coding RNAs (“microRNAs”) are identified, which precisely mirror the pathological condition and can be rapidly analyzed in a blood specimen. The final diagnostic tests are licensed to partnering companies for manufacturing and distribution, and license revenues are invested into research and development in other disease areas, where challenges in diagnosis limit efficient treatment and prevention.​

TICK-TAG, Mr. Kunal Garg & Mrs. Leona Gilbert (Finland)​


TICK-TAG is a diagnostic kit for tick-borne disease pathogens. It has been developed with the intention of detecting lyme disease and chronic lyme disease. It is a single kit, that detects more than 20 pathogens within a day and offers more than 90% reduction in cost for hospitals, clinics and patients.​


Phase 2 - And the winners are ....​

30 teams from 6 countries sent in their business plans in Phase 2. 75%  of the submissions came from Austria, the other projects came from the Czech Republik, Finland, Italy, Uganda and the United Kingdom. ​

In regards to the fields of technology 39% of the projects in Phase 2 can be accounted to the field of Medical Technology, 27% to the field of Red Biotechnology, 12% to Supply and Services, 6% to White Biotechnology and 3% to Green Biotechnology as well as Bioinformatics.​

The winners were announced at the Final Award Ceremony at Palais Ferstel in Vienna on May 6, 2015.​

The winning teams are:​

1st Pize: CYPRUMED (Austria)​

The Award was sponsored by Roche Austria

From left to right:
Daniel Föger & Florian Föger (Cyprumed), Wolfram Schmidt (Roche Austria), Eva Prieschl-Grassauer (Marinomed), Ulrike Unterer (BMWFW) ​

For more information on the project: Website Cyprumed

2nd Prize: TAmiRNA (Austria)​

The award was sponsored byBinder Grösswang

rom left to right: Johannes Grillari, Otto Kanzler, Mathias Hackl (TAmiRNA), Eva Prieschl-Grassauer (Marinomed), Thomas Schirmer (Binder Grösswang), Ulrike Unterer (BMWFW)​

For more Information on the Project: Website TAmiRNA

3rd Pize: Syconium (Austria)​

The award was sponsored byAffiris

From left to right: Oliver Siegel (Affiris), Thomas Schirmer (Binder Grösswang) Edeltraud Striftinger (aws) Michael Hammerschmid, Michael Sauer, Otto Kanzler (Syconium), Ulrike Unterer (BMWFW), Dieter Mattanovich (Syconium)​

Medtech Award: CSDLabs (Austria)​

The Award was sponsored byLISAvienna

From left to right: Andreas Schriefl (CSD Labs), Ulrike Unterer (BMWFW), Andreas Reinisch & Michael Unterberger (CSDLabs), Peter Halwachs (LISAvienna), Eva Prieschl-Grassauer (Marinomed)​


For more information on the project: Website CSD Labs